Last Week Link-Up!

by Theresa

The general consensus between myself and the rest of my classmates is that while we love Taiwan and will miss it so much, we also simply can not wait to finally be home! 

Pretty much since June 24, I’ve been trolling the internet, keeping up to date with all of my favorite blogs, and saving those special recipes that ignite your senses and make your taste buds scream to hurry up and get home because you have to make this!

With only three full days left…

SIDENOTE: we leave Taiwan early Sunday morning, arrive in Tokyo MID afternoon Sunday, arrive in Detroit EARLY afternoon Sunday, and finally get home in the evening. Basically we’re implementing scientific theories developed by Rowling (1997-2007): two turns of a time-turner + disapparation. Obviously The Man is making us fly from Detroit to Cleveland so as to not disturb the general public’s perception of time and space and magic. Most pointless flight ever.

…I have reached that point where I need to start organizing my thoughts and creating my game plan for making each and every one of these delicious treats. 

And so, what does a college student studying abroad on the other side of the world miss most about American Food? 

Secretly healthy food that tastes like creamy delicious Alfredo sauce

Gourmet remakes of everyone’s favorite fireside dessert

In-home remakes of everyone’s favorite fireside dessert 

Backyard cookouts with a nutritious twist

Brownies, brownies, brownies, brownies, brownies, brownies, and more brownies

Sweet-and-salty everything that is chocolate and also I’d like some popcorn with it too

Freaking everything about hummus and vegetables please 

Chickpeas since all that hummus just won’t be enough 

Ice cream that tastes like ice cream and not ice+cream

& quinoa because it’s the best superfood out there

Plus, let’s not forget about the drinks! 

A white russian that has at least one reason to not feel guilty 

Smoothies with vegetables because why not?


And as much sangria as they let me have. Seriously


And, of course, something for a few weeks later
when I need something to remind me of Taiwan ❤ 


And what’s a plan for the future without some links that are actually useful for the future?

For example, reverse culture shock is a thing.

Uncertainty is scary, but it forces a lot of change, and change is good. Choose to change.

Rebuilding life in the states with GOOD habits is important. Knowing that I start a brand new job in a brand new city in just a few short weeks has caused me to mentally prepare for making new friends, volunteering, learning, sharing and reminiscing.

And my favorite advice of them all: take the time to process and reflect on everything you’ve done, how you’ve changed, and how this will affect the person that you want to become. 



And just because this is so awesomely inspiring:

Do more, and make sure that it counts.

Have a great day!