Days 35(ish) & 36: Chinese Painting

by Theresa

Monday, July 29

After taking time to recover from the shock of witnessing I’ve Sweets Factory being smashed to pieces with a hammer, my mind was in desperate need of some art therapy. Thankfully, Chinese Calligraphy culture class was next on the schedule for the day!


Class began with demonstrations from our teacher for each basic brush stroke, and then we were given time to practice these strokes on our own.


This all built up to writing a character meaning forever love.

Then we progressed to Level II Calligraphy! Our instructor had created her own “masterpiece” of a famous poem called Up the Stork Tower, which she allowed us to trace for practice.  After demonstrations of each individual character (there is a precise order and direction for drawing each stroke of a character), we carefully learned to create this 16 character story.

Once complete, we progressed to Level III Calligraphy: making our very own “masterpieces.”

The process is long, yet satisfying, and I’m very proud of my poem.


By the hills the sun loses its glow

Into the sea the yellow river flows

To gain one thousand mile view

Keep climbing up a floor or few

Tuesday, July 30

Last day of school! Last day of school! Tuesday was my last official class required to earn my undergraduate degree.  Going out with a bang!

Part 1: 3-5 minute speech presented in Chinese

Although I’m sure my accent is horrible, and I definitely need a lot of work on my tones, my Chinese has come a long way since that day way back in January at Ashland University.

555487_628972537121522_70625141_n 942455_628972517121524_329751805_n

“I am a 22 year-old, hospitality management major, in my fourth year. I speak English and little Chinese. In the future, I want to work in business. I like coffee, french fries, chocolate, apples, the color red, listening to music, and my dog.”

“Wǒ jīnnián ÈrshíÈr suì, shì guānguāng xì sìniánjí de xuéshēng. Wǒ huì shuō yīngwén hàn yīdiǎn zhōngwén. Jiānglái, wǒ yào dàng shāngrén.  Wǒ xǐhuan kāfēi, shǔtiáo, qiǎokèlì, píngguǒ, hóngsè, tīng yīnyuè, hàn wǒ de gǒu.”

Part 2: Dumpling Making

AKA let’s cook lunch. Yes please!!!! I love dumplings.

I’ll even let you in on a little secret…. these were pork! Sssssshh! 

Actually there’s very, very, very little filling in dumplings, and the filling contains pork, sauce, and vegetables, so I probably had the equivalent of one tablespoon. And I didn’t get sick! Worth it.

547373_486534078094674_315890282_n 944589_486533834761365_2050338204_n IMG_6110 IMG_6103 1000563_486533754761373_763777528_n

Part 3: Chinese Painting

The beginning of class was very similar to our calligraphy class. We practiced writing four chinese characters, which translate to

To wish you luck as all your dreams come true

Once ready, we dissembled our craft fans (which are actually the sturdiest and prettiest fans I’ve yet to see) and then painted this phrase on the back.

Signature included, of course

IMG_6113 999693_486543678093714_1692560474_n

Then we learned some techniques for actual chinese painting. Similarly to the way our teacher demonstrated the strokes of chinese characters, she broke down some basic approaches to painting koi, lotus flowers, and pandas.


Three hours later, we reassembled, glued the edges together, and had beautiful Chinese fans with a personal touch.

954762_486550018093080_556480569_n IMG_6130

Just like I said. Going out with a bang.

I guess technically it’s more like I’m going out with a gust.

of wind…

from the fan.

Bad jokes? What are this?