Days 33 & 34: Weekend Trip to Penghu Islands, Part 2

by Theresa

Day 33: Saturday, July 27

If Friday wasn’t enough tourism, then Saturday certainly did the trick. Though, I was thrilled to have a day full of absolutely zero boat rides! So basically that’s it: we just toured this island for a few hours.

My favorite stop was an old, preserved, coastal town. We got the chance to see what it used to be like to live there, when life was peaceful and simple, and before all of the crowds and tours.

IMG_5958 IMG_5962 IMG_5966 IMG_5975 IMG_6001 IMG_6003 IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_6008 IMG_6032 IMG_6041

We all had another seafood lunch together before free time.


A group of us decided there was nothing better to do than to park it on the beach! I had too much fun to take many pictures, but I’m pretty sure they would all just look like this anyway:


Five hours later, we headed back and got dinner on our own. Greta helped us find a fun place with really unique dishes. I ordered a pasta bake with fruit.


I really did. I honestly thought the translation just didn’t make sense–nope!  Literally, it was like eating pasta and cheese with pie fresh from the oven: apples, grapefruits, mangos, cactus fruit, and more!

Once we got back to the hotel, I noticed just how much sun I had soaked in throughout the day. I was really careful with applying sunscreen every 20-30 minutes, and wearing a sunhat all day. But when even that wasn’t enough, Eric brought us some Aloe. Not “Aloe Vera”; literally Aloe, like the plant. Just peel that skin off and lather generously.

Day 34: Sunday, July 28

It’s always hard to say goodbye, especially to an island as beautiful as Penghu. Luckily, good byes are so much easier when you spend half of them on the beach. Again!

We got up bright and early to spend as much quality time as possible on the coast of the Taiwan Strait. I was happy to feel such healthy skin in the morning, thanks to the plant that I now want to have growing in my house year round.


Two hours later, we all packed up, cleared the hotel, and headed back to the “boat from hell.” Thank gooooodness for local medicine because this time I wasn’t sick in the least and was able to force myself into sleep throughout the duration of the trip.

We got back to campus around 5 pm, and then I finally got to eat for the nearly the first time that day! Crackers + peanut butter, followed by Nu Pasta ❤.


On an unrelated note, I finally found out what the magical missing ingredient in my bread is!!! Sweet cream. It’s “Taiwanese Sweet Cream“. *Cue the choir of angels*

You think I’m kidding when I say I love this stuff. 

What a wonderful weekend, followed by the loooong blog entry. Thanks for sticking in there with me. For more stories and pictures (as if this weren’t enough), make sure that you’re keeping with the AUCOBE Blog! I’ll be back often this week as we wrap up our cultural classes, present our speeches, and say farewell!