Days 29 & 30: Basically the Last Week of Class

by Theresa

Time is really starting to pick up the pace these past few days. It’s hard to believe that we only have three days of class this week and one day next week before we give our final reports: a 3-5 minute speech in Chinese where we pretty much say any sentence that we know how to.

Most of this time is spent thinking about how we will be on our way to Penghu Islands in just a few days (!!!!), so I spent as much time as I could getting ahead of homework.

Wednesday afternoon was incredibly fun, as we participated in a cultural class called dough-figure making. Half of the group assumed this to be a failed translation, and prepared to cook Taiwanese dough. In reality, we played with play-doh for 3 hours.

IMG_5581 IMG_5582

It was amazing to watch our instructor, Alvis, as he performed well-practiced techniques for creating texture, form, and strength in his figures.


Meet Mr. Sheep, his best friend, Quackers, and Cornelius the caterpillar.

IMG_5611 IMG_5608

I actually really enjoyed preparing my speech because I’m growing to love this language more and more each day. Other than my dorkiness, there’s not too much else to report for these lovely two days.

And soooo, I conclude with some of my meals for this week. Enjoy!

IMG_5617 IMG_5616 IMG_5624