Day 24: Welcome to Taipei

by Theresa

First off, I apologize for the mass publish of blogs. Since I’m behind on so many days, I wanted to get reviews posted as quickly as possibly.  However, wordpress doesn’t work properly in my dorm, so I only have a strong enough connection to publish while in the classrooms. Thanks for bearing with me!

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. It is in the northern part of Taiwan. The metropolitan boundary of Taipei is home to more than 6 million people, with 2 million residing specifically inside Taipei city.

My first impression of the city? Well isn’t that just so polite, to wait in line for the subway?


My second impression? This hostel is awesome!!! It had a really nice, clean bathroom, with 2 showers (for six people) and “real” toilets!

IMG_5095 IMG_5098

Our activities for Taipei Day 1: Danshui fishing port and a night market.

IMG_5109 IMG_5119

At the port, we took a boat to go see “Lover Bridge”

IMG_5124 IMG_5131 IMG_5137 IMG_5147 - Version 2

Highlight: on the other side of the bridge, one of the street musicians let our group play his guitar and sing while he packed up his equipment. It surely was a sight to see so many strangers crowding around in public to take pictures.


On our way to the night market, we got to walk by some shops and taste free samples. My favorite: chia seed water! Oh, how I’ve missed my beloved chia seeds. Soak them in water or tea, let them turn into a soft gel, and add a little sweetener.



And then we got to the night market! I’m never one to turn down free bread samples…


But I really had a hard time with the crowds!

IMG_5179 IMG_5184

And, as always, it’s time to finish the post with pictures of food:

IMG_5185 IMG_5186

Shrimp omelette for dinner:

IMG_5191 IMG_5193

And fresh squeezed (warm…) grapefruit juice to drink:

IMG_5195 IMG_5197

A perfect dinner to make me even more excited for Day 2 and the rest of the weekend!