Day 14: Five Seconds of Foreign Fame

by Theresa

Hello everyone. I miss you all and hope you’re doing well. Today I have the pleasure of sharing the most recent post for the AU COBE in Taiwan blog! Jacob wrote a captivating tale describing the strange happenings of today, and you absolutely have to read it for yourself. Go ahead, I’ll still be here when you get back.


See? I’m still here. Did you read it yet?


Good. So now that we’re all on the same page, I really just want to share my pictures of the day!

The following pictures are from our enterprise visit to Gold-Joint Industry Co., or ACE Geosynthetics, as their English website says (fyi: if you’re interested in reading more about the company, try going to their taiwanese website and clicking the English translation button in the top right corner. We all had trouble loading the english website directly from typing the URL).

IMG_4729 IMG_4732 IMG_4731



Post filming tea!

IMG_4739 IMG_4737

Our faces are like “what just happened?

After the enterprise visit, we were scheduled to visit the fish market:

IMG_4743 IMG_4742  IMG_4746 IMG_4745 IMG_4748IMG_4749 IMG_4753 IMG_4759 IMG_4762 IMG_4769IMG_4768 IMG_4752 IMG_4751 IMG_4770

And of course, I have to include my meals for the day:


My beloved breakfast bread. Our zhōngwen lǎoshī (chinese teacher) told me that they call his pumpkin bread.

IMG_4646 IMG_4722

The filling is incredible. Each bite is a little different. Can you see the raisins, seeds, almonds, peanuts, sweet cheese, and dried tomatoes?

We snacked on dried kumquats during class:


More dumplings for lunch! My roommate and I shared our regular vegetable dumplings and tried shrimp dumplings for the first time. They’re both delicious, but I still prefer vegetable dumplings.

IMG_4725 IMG_4726

Coffee break during the enterprise visit:


Tried raw sea urchin for the first time at the fish market. One taste was enough for me!


Traditional shaved ice + peanut butter crackers for dinner! Shaved ice is a really popular dessert in Taiwan.  Traditionally, it is served with red azuki beans, mung beans, taro balls, peanuts, and a sweetened syrup, but I got mine with fresh pineapple (fènglí).

IMG_4778 IMG_4780

Spent the night working on homework! This week will be homework-heavy, so bare with me if blog posting is infrequent or short. I’ll be back in full force soon! Have a great night!