Day 10: The Fourth from Afar

by Theresa

Happy fourth of July everybody! 

I hope you all have wonderful celebrations today and see some amazing fireworks displays!

I’m super jealous, even though I’m still having a great time in Taichung. The most beautiful thing about it, though, is that the day here is almost over, while most of yours’ might just be starting. So to me, it feels like 48 wonderful hours of celebration and pride for our country!

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.54.36 AM

Some of the guys from Ashland thought ahead and brought mini American flags, necklaces, and paper lanterns to share with our new Taiwanese friends.


We had tons of fun in class, and we might be guilty of getting a littttle bit distracted….





Not to mention the fact that today is another student’s 14th birthday!!!


More singing and cake and celebration! Happy birthday to you!

We decided to order lunch in today since we only had an hour again, like yesterday.

Half of us ordered from an amazing dumpling restaurant—-infamous according to the Ashland students who came last year.  The other half order from….. wait for it….. McDonalds! That’s right. They deliver. And they are more expensive than any other food establishment, making it completely pointless for us to eat. Not gonna lie though, I was so tempted by the curly fries!


Sadly, they were a disappointment. Cold and bland.

Dumplings to the rescue! They were vegetarian and everything I had hoped they would be!

IMG_4472 IMG_4473 IMG_4474


For a price comparison: a small order of curly fries was NT$55, or just under $2 American; each dumpling I ordered was NT$5, for a total of NT$25, which is just under $1 American. I vote real, fresh, authentic food with lower prices are unbeatable!

Class continued just like yesterday, and before we knew it, it was time to celebrate! And by celebrate, I mean exercise, take a nap, work on homework and blogs, and eat. This is how we do.

Around 7pm, it seemed like it was about to storm, so I headed out real quick with a few friends to grab food at the night market.


I finally got my halal wraps! Vegetarian and delicious!



You’re welcome—it’s my pleasure!


And we were lucky enough to not get stuck in the rain, so we got to walk around for a little bit and see how everything had changed from prior times we’d been to the market.

And flagpole.

IMG_4493 IMG_4491

…in honor of the American flag.

We have morning plans, bright and early on Friday, so all I’m doing tonight is writing, reading for my paper, and doing laundry.  Promise me you’ll celebrate double for me this Independence Day! Good night!