Day 7: The Real “First Day” of Class

by Theresa


Are you jealous of our view?? This is what I woke up to.  Literally, the sun screamed WAKE UP! I panicked at first, thinking that I had slept through my 6 am alarm. I can’t even remember the last time I woke up before an alarm. Is this real life??

Our dorm had scheduled water maintenance from 7am-5pm, so I got up extra early to exercise and shower while I still had time. I had peanut butter for breakfast, with a side of apple and crackers.

Language class seemed to fly by today. We learned some funny things like spongebob squarepants (who lives in a fènglí under the sea? Hǎimián bǎobǎo!). Before we knew it, it was time for a two-hour break of lunch! I’m not sure whether that’s a standard amount of time, but if it is…. I’m not sure whether I’ll like it.

Does anybody have suggestions for what to do for two hours during the day? 

Today we spent some time getting food at the only available cafeteria, and it was really good! I think in the future we’ll spend more time by going off campus to eat.


This afternoon, we learned about Taiwanese geography. The title of the presentation was: “Geologic Understanding Can Save Your Life.” Yikes! Gotta watch out for all those typhoons, landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, flash floods, and mad dog waves!

After class, every body was too tired to do anything. Most of us went to our respective rooms and napped.  Of course, I forced myself to stay awake by reading The Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings. Love.

I also got my tennis shoes in the mail today!!! Love my mom and dad! They sweetly threw in some little pick-me-ups, as well.  Today was a definitely more of a homesick day for me.




Parents sent us a box of chocolates. Melted right now, but hopefully the AC can revive them!

I can picture them saying, “You know, she might need some bandaids. Too bad we only have one. Might as well throw it in there anyway!”


We met back up with each other, our learning partners, and new friends for dinner. We stopped at some kind of non traditional, sit down restaurant. I tried to order a taiwanese dish and got pasta with pumpkin and green beans. Dose that count??


Just in case it doesn’t, I picked up some chocolate loaf bread at a nearby bakery. Chocolate fixes everything!

IMG_4367 IMG_4364 IMG_4369

Having a study session for the rest of the night. Wǎn’ān!